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Manufactured by: Longchamp



This spacious, light, off-road backpack is an invitation to travel. It will prove a faithful travelling companion for both men and women.

A cosmic stardust has invaded the canvas on this line of supple, lightweight luggage, baptised MÉTÉORE. These new satellites in the Longchamp galaxy cater to people in search of adventure and freedom.Created from a sparkling, unlined, coated linen canvas, structured with boarded cowhide details, MÉTÉORE offers a range of light and luminous models.

Reference : L1695653006

390,00 € Color : Navy Longchamp


38x40x12 cm


Customer Service : +44 (0)20 7493 8500


Closing : Drawstring and ardillon buckle
Flap pocket : 2
Compartment : 1
Shoulder strap : Adjustable
zipper pocket : 1


Accessories finishes : Nickel
Body : Coating linen
Trmming : Cowhide
Never use any cleansing or waterproofing product.
All Longchamp items are created with the utmost care in our workshops.
To guarantee their longevity, we recommend that you follow a few simple rules:
• protect the product from heavy rain;
• avoid all contact with oily products, products containing solvents or alcohol (perfume for example);
• avoid prolonged exposure to br ight light;
• for dark-coloured items, avoid prolonged contact with light-coloured fabr ics, especially in a humid environment;
• for light-coloured items, avoid friction with other materials or prints whose colours may rub off (jeans for example);
• be careful not to scr atch or rub the product against abr asive surfaces;
• after use, we recommend storing your bag in a case , away from light, humidity and heat.


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