Au Sultan - Handbag

Au Sultan

The Au Sultan line pays homage to Longchamp's heritage by reinventing past collections. It commemorates Longchamp's origins as a Paris tobacconist - Au Sultan - which originally made leather-covered pipes. The bags gradually acquire a patina of age, giving them a vintage look, underscored by their aesthetically simple and stylishly elegant designs.

Au Sultan Verni - Handbag

Au Sultan Verni

AU SULTAN VERNI is a modern play on the classic Longchamp AU SULTAN. Artisan crafted calfskin is injected with a contemporary flare through its smooth patent finish.

Balzane - Handbag


The elegant, saddlery-inspired Balzane range incorporates numerous equestrian-styled details. These emblematic creations draw on Longchamp's traditional savoir-faire, expressing the energy and modernity of their owner.

Balzane Roots - Handbag

Balzane Roots

The Balzane Roots line is more lightweight, sporty and colorful than the Balzane range. A series of very feminine bags and accessories, it is whimsical, chic and contemporary.

Derby - Handbag


Longchamp reinvents the legendary Derby in a series of urban and contemporary designs. Supple, lightweight and durable, they represent a stylish take on Longchamp's past.

Fleurs de Palace - Handbag

Fleurs de Palace

With their references to the boudoirs of Paris's finest hotels, these luxuriously bohemian bags and accessories recall the spirit of the Rive Gauche.

Gatsby Sport - Handbag

Gatsby Sport

The Gatsby Sport offers a graphic, vintage, timeless reinterpretation of the iconic Gatsby range. Offering a subtle blend of masculine and feminine with an extraordinary attention to detail, features such as the famous Gatsby clasp lend this collection of bags and accessories real character.

Jardin Royal - Tote bag

Jardin Royal

Inspired by the creations of royal gardener André Le Nôtre, this line places an emphasis on symmetry and perspective, and features decorated jacquard recalling a bird's-eye view of a garden maze. The creations also pay homage to the Palais Royal, symbolically positioned on the right bank of the Seine.

Kate Moss for Longchamp - Handbag

Kate Moss for Longchamp

The legendary Kate Moss for Longchamp range hasn't lost its stylish appeal. This time, the famous Gloucester bag is revisited as a series of designs and a range of small leather accessories.

SM Palette - Handbag

LE PLIAGE ® SM Palette

LE PLIAGE SM Palette Le Pliage ® is available in a rainbow of colors, which are precisely Sarah Morris’ area of work. The artist has created eight bespoke shades, all available with white or black handles. Delicate pastels – Robin’s Egg Blue, Banana, Pink and Light Grey – blend with bright shades of Kelly Green, Red and Blue, along with a Classic Black, in a collection that will beautifully enhance any wardrobe.

Édition limitée - Handbag

LE PLIAGE ® Édition limitée

LE PLIAGE® Édition limitée The Sarah Morris collection comprises a colorful limited edition Le Pliage ® bag, inspired by one of the artist’s paintings from the “Rio” series. This leather shopper, produced in just 125 examples, was created in a specific shape: a square, which evokes the canvases that Sarah Morris normally uses for her creations. This bag is crafted in a smooth and sumptuous calfskin, which is extremely supple, allowing it to be folded. All examples are signed by the artist.

LM Cuir - Tote bag

LM Cuir

The LM Cuir range is distinguished by its exceptionally fine embossing, representing Longchamp's legendary and impeccable attention to detail.

Le Foulonné - Handbag

Le Foulonné

Le Foulonné is an emblematic Longchamp collection available in a wide range of styles and colors including handbags and accessories.

Le Pliage - Handbag

Le Pliage

Inspired by the Japanese art of origami, the simple, beautifully ingenious Le Pliage has acquired worldwide status. The line is available in an extraordinary variety of shapes and sizes, and around a dozen colors each season.

Le Pliage Cuir - Handbag

Le Pliage Cuir

Le Pliage Cuir incorporates all the features that have made Le Pliage famous, from a bold range of colors to ingenious foldable silhouettes. A Le Pliage Cuir handbag creates a stylish statement.

Le Pliage Héritage - Handbag

Le Pliage Héritage

The Le Pliage Héritage line bears witness to Longchamp's expertise with leather. Each subtle detail, like the slightly curved trompe-l'oeil flap and handles, reflects the sophistication and timeless elegance of the overall design.

Le Pliage Héritage Luxe - Handbag

Le Pliage Héritage Luxe

A line of must-have pieces for every wardrobe. Combining timeless forms with elegant allure, these unique creations will never go out of style.

Le Pliage Losange - Handbag

Le Pliage Losange

This collection pays homage to the monuments of Paris's Rive Droite, with the endless repetition of the lozenge motif recalling the geometry of the Place du Palais Royal, the Jardin des Tuileries, and the multifaceted pyramid of the Louvre.

Le Pliage Néo - Handbag

Le Pliage Néo

Le Pliage Neo reinvents the Le Pliage collection in a more urban, modern style. The square-toothed zip and wide shoulder strap add a touch of contemporary elegance. Fashionable, sophisticated and spacious, Le Pliage Neo bags and accessories are perfect for the active woman.

Le Pliage Néo Fantaisie - Handbag

Le Pliage Néo Fantaisie

This collection is characterized by two motifs representing the banks of the river Seine. La Rive Droite is a bold nail-motif print, representing an aerial view of the Colonnes de Buren, a contemporary art installation on the Place du Palais Royal. The Rive Gauche is represented by a smart shagreen print with a single central pearl.

Le Pliage Rive Droite Rive Gauche - Handbag

Le Pliage Rive Droite Rive Gauche

The Rive Droite Rive Gauche line shows us two different faces of the French capital: one bohemian, the other ultra-sophisticated. Its casual, quintessentially Parisian chic is a reminder that Longchamp has a foot in both camps, with stores on Rue Saint-Honoré (on the Right Bank) and Rue du Vieux-Colombier (on the Left Bank).

Le Pliage de Noël - Handbag

Le Pliage de Noël

Inspired by Longchamp’s historic and timeless designs, LE PLIAGE DE NOËL is a classic yet innovative contemporary collection.

Longchamp 2.0 - Mini handbag

Longchamp 2.0

The Longchamp 2.0 range is designed for go-getting businesswomen seeking just the right balance between professionalism and joie de vivre. The gold hot-stamped logo and gold finishes add a distinctly feminine touch to this two-tone range.

Longchamp 3D - Handbag

Longchamp 3D

Longchamp 3D blends modernity with a love of symmetry. It uses modern designs and contrasting finishes to create a three-dimensional effect.

Légende Croco - Handbag

Légende Croco

Légende Croco is a collection of extremely stylish, luxurious geometric bags and accessories.

Légende Verni - Handbag

Légende Verni

The Légende Verni is one of Longchamp's signature collections. It owes its success to a combination of timelessly functional style and strikingly contemporary appeal.

Parisis - Hobo bag


The timelessly original Parisis range offers an unstructured look, with the discreetly embossed logo and detailed handles.

Perle de Caviar - Shopping bag

Perle de Caviar

The Perle de Caviar line is made up of incredibly elegant creations, featuring the Longchamp racehorse. The chain and gold finish underline the collection's feminine glamor, while the straight-cut seams add a modern touch to the models and accessories.

Quadri - Crossbody bag


Recognizable by its embossed criss-cross pattern, the Quadri line features all of Longchamp's signature details. The logo in metalic letters, gunmetal buttons, metal tab and logo-imprinted lining are all clear hallmarks of the Longchamp brand.

Quadri Croco - Handbag

Quadri Croco

A contemporary range with an edge, Quadri Croco revisits the Quadri collection, with a selection of ultra-stylish bags and accessories with an exotic touch.

Roseau - Handbag


The Roseau line's bamboo-shaped clasp has become a Longchamp emblem. The simple, timeless styling is popular with active, elegant women all over the world. Incorporating the iconic Longchamp racehorse logo within an oval piece, the Roseau collection comprises small leather handbags and accessories.

Roseau Box - Tote bag

Roseau Box

The Roseau collection acquires a spectacular glossy finish. The sophisticated rectangular bags combine rigid structure with straight-cut finishes, for an elegant and stylish statement.

Roseau Croco - Handbag

Roseau Croco

This bold version of the Roseau collection uses animal motifs for a glamourous, exotic effect.

Roseau Héritage - Tote bag

Roseau Héritage

ROSEAU HERITAGE celebrates the 20th anniversary of ROSEAU. This contemporary redesign offers a pure, luxe version of the classic bag that enhances the beauty of the natural calfskin. Complimented by a signature polished bamboo detail, your ROSEAU HERITAGE will develop a beautiful patina over time.

Too Night - Clutch bag

Too Night

Elegant bags and accessories for sophisticated formal gatherings, the Too Night collection adds a glamorous, modern and fashionably feminine touch.